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How 2 identify transfer opportunities & design transfer projects?

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  • Workshop Graduiertenzentrum

The course "How 2 identify transfer opportunities & design transfer projects" addresses both perspectives and provides methodological knowledge for the successful identification of transfer opportunities and the planning of the exploitation of research results in society and industry.

Transfer and cooperation activities with partners external to science are an increasingly relevant field of action for researchers. The impact of one's own research on society and the economy can be strengthened through structured transfer activities already during the research process. Additionally, more and more funding institutions are expecting research projects to include a transfer perspective in their application and to explicitly address the major societal challenges.

Different disciplines, and even different research approaches, require different transfer paths. In order to choose the appropriate paths, the scope of transfer is shown and clarified with the help of examples. During the course, a framework will be presented and jointly applied with which the exploitation can be systematically planned with all the partners involved.

So, if you want to increase the impact of your research work, systematically plan exploitation and take it into account in funding proposals, this course is just right for you to get started in the topic area.

  • Trainer*innen: Expert*innen des Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer
  • Zielgruppe: Promovierende & Postdocs
  • Teilnehmende: max. 30
  • Sprache: English

This course can be credited with 4 work units (WU) in the area of „Transfer & Entrepreneurship“ for the "Management & Leadership"-Career Certificates for Doctoral Researchers.


Registration Deadline: 28.02.2024