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TU Start-up Weekend

Beginn: Ende: Veranstaltungsort: Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer (Emil-Figge-Str. 80, 44227 Dortmund)
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The TU Start-up Weekend, taking place from 26th - 28th April, is a joint offer by the 17 departments of TU Dortmund University to experience the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. TU-members from different departments will meet, collaborate and develop innovative ideas.

This event addresses TU-members who would like to improve their personal competencies, connect with passionate individuals and tackle real-world problems. Participants don't need any special technological expertise, social, creative or business skills to take part. Everybody is welcome to join the TU Start-Up Weekend. 

At the three day event participants will have the opportunity to unleash their own potential and broaden their perspective and knowledge. The workshop weekend will provide hands-on experience and enable students to develop innovative solutions. A great focus is placed on experiencing interdisciplinary collaboration and working together across different fields of expertise.

The organizers will provide students with an ideal environment to bring their ideas to life: An exclusive opportunity for up to 60 members of TU Dortmund University, that will benefit from the valuable expertise and guidance of experts throughout the event. All meals and drinks are provided. At the end of the Start-Up Weekend everybody will present their progress and learning achievements to get valuable feedback.

The participation is free of charge. Participants have to register ahead of the event. Please note: The event will be held in English.

More information: https://startup.tu-dortmund.de/weekend/